youre a hothouse flower;


hello!! i just started this blog because i think more people on tumblr should get recognized for their beauty—and even though it’s great that a lot of the big blogs do i try and get some of the smaller bloggers recognized as well!! c: so if you’d like me to reblog your selfie or if you want to submit a selfie let me know! (: i do go through the me tag!

i dont discriminate at all, im just trying to make people happy and let them know they’re beautiful if they do post their selfies on here!

so please spread my blog if you’d like! (:  


I’m gonna lose all my friends


Someone call the paps im pretending to be at coachella

Anonymous: can you make a summer playlist? like just a fun chill one



all of a sudden - telekinesis
not going home - great good fine ok
revolutionist - the electric sons
honolulu - last dinosaurs
grizfolk - the struggle
light me up - 
once a tree 
it’s ok - coin
the mother we share - chrvches
flames - cider sky
human - daughter
pale sun rose - matthew and the atlas 
welcome home - radical face
fire rides - mØ
breathing electricity - the electric sons
tops - lincoln jesser
paris - magic man
malibu - coin
dreamers - scavenger hunt
kids - lady danville
dd-dance - the royal concept

making this playlist made me hella happy i’m so excited for summer i can’t even 

Anonymous: how do i turn on a boy like i want to hook up with this guy and im hanging out with him tomorrow to do homework but idk what to do


sit real close to him and just lean right in, get near his ear and whisper real quietly “fuck her right in the pussy” 


when a guy asks you to suck his dick


Anonymous: could you make like a late night/just relaxing and making out music playlist?



angels - the xx
waiting games - banks
taro - alt-j
blue ocean floor - justin timberlake
coming down - the weeknd
so high - ghost loft
night time - the xx
sex - the 1975
paradise - wild nothing
solace - fyfe 
next - the weeknd
17 - sky ferreira
milk - sea oleena
october trees - ron pope
high for this - the weeknd
ghost towns - radical face
sheets - damien jurado

anything by the weeknd and the xx is good making out music most of those songs are also but some of them are for just chilling also! have fun


Spot 10 differences and youll win a big bag of stupid


straight boys strike again


it’s such a lovely day in nyc today